Terms & Conditions

Kelly is always looking for talented people, and you can help! The Kelly® Education Referral Award Program allows eligible Kelly employees to earn money for referring top talent hired to Kelly. The purpose of this award is to encourage eligible employees to refer superior, qualified job candidates for open positions within Kelly Education.

Who is Eligible to Participate in the Referral Award Program?

All Kelly Education substitute educators who are available for assignment and in good standing. Individuals whose employment has previously been terminated by Kelly are not eligible.

Under What Conditions Will You Receive a Referral Award?

If you refer a new substitute teacher or paraprofessional to Kelly and that referred person passes Kelly’s hiring process and is placed with a school district for five (5) full-day absences or forty (40) hours, you will receive a one-hundred dollar ($100.00) award, minus all legally required payroll tax deductions.

A person is considered a referral when an eligible employee brings an individual to Kelly’s attention for consideration for which applicants are being sought, and the person referred meets the stated qualifications and requirements for the position and has not already applied or inquired with Kelly about the position. Eligible referrals cannot have previously worked for Kelly.

Kelly will notify you via e-mail when your referral award is processing.  In order to ensure you receive the referral award, please make sure you register for the Referral Award Program using the email address you have on file with Kelly Education.  Also, please let the referred candidate know that they are required to list your name on the online application when they are applying to Kelly.

When Will You Receive a Referral Award?

You will receive your referral award payment in full after the referred candidate successfully completes five (5) full-day absences or forty (40) hours on assignment - so long as the award is not cancelled or disputed by Kelly.

Additional Conditions

  • There is no limit to the referral awards you may be eligible for. The more people you refer, the more referral awards you can earn!
  • Award amounts will be paid as a one-time adjustment to gross pay and are subject to applicable taxes.
  • Payment will arrive on the first possible pay period after the referred candidate’s completion of forty (40) hours on assignment through Kelly.
  • You must remain employed by Kelly for the entire period—from referral submission to the candidate’s completion of forty (40) hours of active service—to receive your referral award payout.
  • Employees must not make commitments or verbal promises of employment to individuals referred by them.
  • Kelly reserves the right to deny referral bonus payments to any employee who makes promises or assurances of employment to an individual they refer or who otherwise engages in improper or inappropriate conduct related to the award.
  • You must not use referral methods that are bothersome to recipients. Moreover, participation in the program must not violate applicable law, including but not limited to anti-SPAM legislation, which includes the mass distribution of unsolicited messages.
  • You must not publish the referral program on any sites or platforms that prohibit such postings or house adult content, alcohol, tobacco, gambling, games, online casinos, political content, or any form of illegal activity.
  • You must not invite or refer people who are unknown to you. · Information sent to Kelly will be processed according to our Privacy Policy. It is your responsibility for ensuring that anyone whose data is submitted has been provided with notice where required by law.
  • You must never create any materials that contain Kelly branding, trademark, or Kelly’s corporate identity.


Please direct any questions regarding these guidelines to kescompliance@kellyservices.com. Kelly reserves the sole right to cancel or modify these guidelines at any time and at Kelly’s sole discretion.